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5 Color Palette Designs to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

5 Color Palette Designs to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Colors play an essential role in interior design, includingyour plans in designing your kitchen space. Our eyes are naturally sensitive to colors and interpret the various messages that go along with them. It is important to pay attention to the colors you decide for your kitchen units and storage space in availing kitchen remodeling services.

Choosing the appropriate color palette for your kitchen that would fit your remodeling plan is also important, which can be made possible with kitchen remodeling companies in Cypress. For your color palette inspiration, here are some color palette ideas that can help brighten up your kitchen.

  • Modern Farmhouse Style

There’s nothing wrong with combining traditional and modern design elements in your kitchen, like the idea of a modern farmhouse. Different shades of brown combined with white and green make for a unique and eco-friendly kitchen space that doesn’t necessarily look rustic.

  • Bold and Neutral Colors

Selecting neutral shades for your kitchen’s base color like white, gray, and beige can be a great start when you want to combine it with bold colors. You can then integrate these neutrals with bold hues such as blue, green, and orange that can bring out a distinctive look for your kitchen.

  • Blue Retro Kitchen

Blue can be a good option if you want a kitchen space brimming with retro vibes. You can play around with light and dark shades of blue accentuated with wood-colored floorings and tables for an eye-catching kitchen.

  • Red and White Kitchen

Because red is a color that can stimulate your appetite, you can also integrate red and white color accents to your meal prep space through the little details such as kitchen wares and kitchen cabinet Cypress.

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  • Mondrian Style Kitchen

If you don’t want any limitations for your color palette, the Mondrian style may fit your preferences. The Mondrian art style allows you to combine many colors and create a sense of harmony, especially you do it right.

If you’re looking for more details on the color palette designs that can help brighten up your kitchen, check out this infographic created and designed by Mr. Cabinet Care.

kitchen color palettes - infographic

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