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An ultimate guide to choosing the best orbital sander!

An ultimate guide to choosing the best orbital sander!

If you have ever worked with wooden surfaces or seen woodworkers working, then you must be an area about an orbital sander. It is an immensely useful tool used for sanding surfaces such as wood. Sanding is necessary for any surface before you apply any coat of paint on it. Sanding is a tedious task, but efficient orbital sanders make it quite easy and quick. Everyone must have a handy orbital sander at their home, as it is quite useful in doing some DIY jobs. Before you plan to buy an orbital sander, you must gain some knowledge about it. 

There are numerous models of orbital sanders available in the market, but everyone wants to have the best sander, and it is only possible if you have deep knowledge about orbital sanders and know what important features to look out for in a random orbital sander. It is a challenging task to choose an orbital sander as there are several models, and one is unable to decide which is one is the best. So, to help you with your decision, the following are some factors that you must consider while choosing a random orbital sander.

How is it powered?

One of the most important factors that you need to consider while choosing an orbital sander is the power type of sander. There are varying kinds of orbital sanders, and each one of them runs on a different power source. Each type of power source has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are mainly three types of power sources used in orbital sander; cordless, corded electric, and pneumatic. Each of these methods is used by people, and each one of them differs from each other in numerous aspects. To choose the right power type, you need to know about all of them and understand their different aspects; 

Cordless – It is one of the most popular and advanced power types, as there is no use of wires in it. Cordless orbital sanders are powered by a battery, which makes them highly suitable to use when there is no source of power supply near you. Batter powered sander uses the power from the battery to operate, and you can easily run the sander for around 30-40 minutes after a single charge. So, if you think that you will have to use the sander for more time than that, then you must keep an extra battery with you so that your work is not interrupted because of power shortage. 

Electric cord sander- These orbital sanders are one of the most common sanders as they have a wire which takes power from the socket. It is quite affordable but has some disadvantages, and one of them is you need to use it while being connected to the socket. There is no difference in the level of performance offered by the sander, but you will have to stay in a limited area to use the sander. 

Compressed air- Pneumatic is better known as compressed air, is highly preferred by professionals using orbital sanders. It uses air pressure to generate power is quite effective in sanding projects.

Power rating

The performance and efficiency of an orbital sander highly depend on its power rating of the device. You must check the power rating whenever you are buying an orbital sander, and it will affect your work later on. Usually, the power rating of a corded sander is higher than the cordless one. In cordless sander, the power rating is merely around 18 to 20 volts, whereas, in corded sanders, the power rating is much higher; 2 to 5 AMP. The more powerful the sander will be, the higher speed it will offer. More power rating makes the sanding pad spin faster.

Speed adjustment features

There are a lot of advanced features that are introduced in an orbital sander, and one of them is the speed adjustment. You must choose an orbital sander with a speed adjustment knob so that you can adjust the power and speed according to your needs and requirements. It allows you to have better control and give a smoother finish to the surface. If you want to sand down the surface quickly, then you can set the sander at high speed; on the other side, if you want to be precise and ensure the smoothness of the sanded surface, then you can set the knob at low speed. If you don’t get the speed adjustment feature, then you better choose the right sandpaper. 

Size of the base plate

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The base plate or the sander disc is an integral part of the orbital sander. It is available in different sizes, and you must choose the right size of the base plate while buying an orbital sander. The base plate is available in two sizes; 5 inches and 6 inches. You can choose any one of them according to your needs and pick the best sander. The 5 inch size is the most common, and you can easily find it in the market. Base plates above than size of 5 inches are used by professionals as they are suitable for massive projects. So, you must keep the orbital sander model in mind while choosing the size of the base plate. 


If you are investing your money in an orbital sander, then you must ensure that it is durable and long-lasting. The build quality of the sander affects its durability to a great extent. So, you consider these factors and choose the orbital sander that is most reliable and durable. To ensure the durability, you can check the warranty offered by the manufacturer as if he is offering a good warranty; then, the sander must be of good quality and long-lasting. 

Vibration control

All types of orbital sanders produce vibration, which is the primary reason why you need to hold them firmly while using. There are some sanders which have vibration control feature which helps to lower the vibrating and makes it easy to operate the sander. You must buy the sander with a vibration control feature so that it is comfortable and safe to use.

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