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Guidance For Installing A Deck In The House

Guidance For Installing A Deck In The House

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Adding a deck to your house is a way to expand your living space. If you are planning to add a deck to your home then you must choose Bendigo decking professionals. They will help you in planning and putting everything together. Here are some things you should do when installing a deck in the house.

Do the homework

You should first make a plan of how you want to go about it. There should be a good design and a list of materials needed. When picking up the materials you should consider the climate. You must decide on the budget. You should have everything in your plan to make a strong and durable deck for your home.


You should know the reason why you are building the deck. You can do it by having small parties, eating family meals outside, have an outdoor kitchen, or just relaxing. Your deck design must be according to your objective of putting up the deck. Bendigo decking experts can suggest you design based on your objective.

Know the materials

You can find decking materials in different colors and textures. You can choose composite, PVC, redwood, hardwood, or other materials. You should know the advantage and disadvantages of each type of material. Your choice will depend on the price of the material as well.

Allow the surface to drain

When installing your boards, you should leave a gap between the boards and allow them to shed water. You will get the manufacturer’s guidance on how to space the boards when you buy them. For example, if it’s wood board then 1/8 to ¾ inch is safe. You should use a thick nail to space the board.

Don’t overload

Boards can usually support 60 pounds per square foot, which includes the deck’s weight, people, and furniture. You shouldn’t cross this limit; otherwise, the board might break or become weak. So, it won’t last for wrong.

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Choose patterns

You can choose from various types of patterns. Basketweave and accent board are some choices. Look at a few home improvement magazines for some inspiration regarding the board patterns. Bendigo decking experts can also show you samples.

Use deck stain

Deck stain can protect your board and give it a longer life. It can repel mildew and mold. There are lots of colors to choose from and you should choose something that goes well with your board.

The furniture and other things that you choose to put on your deck must match the finishing look of the deck. You must hire Bendigo decking experts for the job.

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