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How to install a new bathroom with safety measures?

How to install a new bathroom with safety measures?

Safety is the most important aspect to consider in bathroom designing because it contributes more to prevent slips and accidents. Homeowners who want to create a new bathroom should consider adding safety features that will help minimize unwanted issues. Also, they should approach a certified contractor or builder in a location that gives ways to focus more on the objectives. 

Here are some safety products people should consider while designing a new bathroom.

  1. Grab bars

Grab bars are suitable for all ages and build owners should install them in a bathroom to avoid falls. They even provide stability for shower users enabling them to overcome risks effectively. A variety of grab bars are available in the markets today for new bathroom projects that help get excellent support. 

  1. Non-slip floor surfaces

Most falls in a bathroom occur due to slippery surfaces and building owners should prevent them with more attention. Nowadays, slip-resistant tiles are available for bathrooms which provide ways to obtain optimal results. Those who want to design Mandurah bathrooms with safety features can work with a professional contractor for meeting exact needs. This will help a lot to install non-slip floor surfaces with more accuracy. 

  1. Shower seats 

A shower seat offers a variety of functions in a bathroom letting users reduce discomfort and other problems. One can consider creating a custom-built seat that matches the mosaic tile floor and complements the wall size.

  1. Easy-to-reach shelves

A bathroom should have easy-to-reach shelves because they allow users to access items as soon as possible when they want to take them. Building owners willing to create Mandurah bathrooms with easy-to-reach shelves can get ideas online and other sources. This will help a lot to ensure high protection from falls and other issues.

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  1. Anti-scald faucets

Elderly people may face the risks of burns caused by hot water. Therefore, it is necessary to install anti-scald faucets in new Mandurah bathrooms to control the water pressure. Some faucets allow users to set a maximum temperature and then balancing the same later with ease.

  1. Accessible controls 

Bathrooms that have access controls allow users to push and adjust them easily instead of a knob. Apart from that, it is possible to mount them on walls which ultimately gives ways to experience more comfort. Building owners can set up Mandurah bathrooms with the latest features to eliminate potential threats. Also, they can create a worry-free environment in a bathroom with them to get peace of mind. 

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