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How to Prepare Your Home for A Professional Cleaner

How to Prepare Your Home for A Professional Cleaner

You’ll doubtless have a good number of expectations when you hire the services of a professional cleaning company, and aside from expecting them to clean your home to a high standard, you’ll also expect them to be courteous, punctual and respectful of you and your home.  Those things are a given, and when you work with a reputable company who only hire the best cleaners, you’ll be left with no reason to feel unsatisfied. However, what you might not have thought about, is that cleaning companies are also entitled to expect a few things from their clients, and here are some of the most important:

Professional cleaners are employed to clean, not tidy up and declutter:

If you want to get the most out of your professional cleaners’ time, you’ll need to do a few things to ensure that they can do their job efficiently and effectively. Firstly, begin by clearing away all unnecessary clutter so that they can easily access those areas that need to be cleaned, and be sure to keep any pets out of the way if necessary. Not everybody is comfortable around pets, and if they hinder the cleaning professionals work, they will not be impressed, and neither will you!

If you’re not going to be home, leave clear instructions:

Make it clear to the professional cleaner exactly what it is that you want them to clean in your absence, and if you’re expecting them to change bedsheets, linen or towels, make sure you leave the clean items where the cleaner will find them. 

Make sure that the cleaner or cleaning team can actually get into your home if you’re going to be  away when they arrive, too, so either give them a key or entry code prior to their arrival, or  arrange for a friend or neighbor to let them in. 

If you are going to be at home, let them do their job:

Professional cleaners don’t earn their titles by not knowing their stuff, so you can trust your cleaner to fulfil their given tasks without needing supervision or advice from you. Hovering around while they clean will simply distract them, so let them get on with their job while you use the time to do other, more important things, like relaxing!

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Without prior payment, ensure your cleaner gets paid in a timely manner:

How and when you choose to pay your cleaner will be discussed with both parties before the work is carried out, but if you don’t pay them in advance of their work, then you’ll need to arrange payment promptly. 

The whole point of hiring a house cleaning professional company is that your workload is reduced, so you won’t be expected to do much in preparation for their arrival, but the above are some simple requirements that they are entitled to expect from you.

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