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Maintenance Of Commercial Floor Mats

Maintenance Of Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are typical ornaments, and therefore their care is essential. Find out here how to clean rugs and keep them spotless.


The carpet is that element that makes the home a distinctive space, one that not only contributes to aesthetics, with its various colors and textures, but also helps to concentrate heat, generating a pleasant and welcoming environment. For this reason, they are ideal when decorating a double bedroom, a game room, a living room, a dining room, etc.

Maintenance Of Carpet

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Frequent cleaning contributes to the excellent maintenance of a carpet. Therefore, it is beneficial for the care of these to vacuum and duster periodically, at least in those rooms that have carpets. The latter helps prevent the accumulation of mites, crumbs, lint, and other things that can damage the material in the long run.

For the correct maintenance of carpets, it is essential to take certain precautions and avoid the problem in the first place. To do this, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid stepping on the surface of the rugs with slippers or shoes on. The dirt found in the streets accumulates at the base of the footwear, and from there, it passes directly to the fabric, which can complicate its cleaning.
  • If you are going to consume food or liquids near the carpet, be careful to do it carefully: use a tray and always have napkins or absorbent paper at hand.
  • Try to keep the carpet spread out, the corner folds and other parts can be damaging over time. Avoid folding it in on itself unless it is strictly necessary.
  • It may be better for the busiest places in the house to consider a simple rug rather than a perfect quality rug. The mat, being cheaper, can be changed more often without problems.
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