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Top Upcoming trends in tiles

Top Upcoming trends in tiles

Tiles have remained in fashion from a long time since their inception. People around the world have always fascinated over the beauty and the facilities that are offered by tiles. As such the designers and manufacturers have always tried to bring something new for their customers. These innovations come from patterns, shapes, mixes, materials and even cost areas. These innovations have helped tiles beat out the competition and stay in business strongly to this date. Here is a list of the upcoming trends in tiles that the tile industry is going to gift the world with.

Cool tiles

Cool Tiles is the name given to it because of the fact of them protecting the insides of the home with the damp hot sun and its effects. They are designed for roofing and exterior walls. Their build up technology is such that they can reflect the sunlight outside and keep the insides cool without the use of air conditioning units thus saving you from the extra hot summer electricity bills.

Tiles with a calm hue

Tiles with colors that have calming or neutral hues are always beneficial for peace of mind and relaxation of the eyes. These colors involve sea blue, candy pinks or mint blues. These tiles are made up of cement which provides a very good layer of insulation from the extreme temperatures outside.

New geometric Shapes

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Although geometric shapes are not anything new for the tiles since they are involved at their very basics, here the new geometric shapes are accompanied by a good share of art, pattern and colors. All you have to do is to select your favorite pattern and color and see it blossom into a huge canvas as the installation process progresses. This option is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures and you can even order for some of your own favorite portraits to be lain in the assembly of tiles.

Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan style tiles are one of those art tiles have been in fashion since a long time but have gained their recognition in recent times thanks to the advent of technology. Its unique features are now more understandable by people because of greater insight. Moroccan tiles carry the aura of freshness and sassiness along with them plus they too are available now in geometric shapes unlike the older scattered patterns. They provide more roomy designs and more fluorescence to the display. They now come with VC shields which provide them greater protection from all kinds of abrasions.

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