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What are the Various Types of Decking Wollongong Materials?

What are the Various Types of Decking Wollongong Materials?

When it comes to buying a deck, considering the overall appearance and size of the deck and choosing the right materials are two of the most important factors to consider. The market abounds in various kinds of decking materials. While trying to choose Decking Wollongong Materials, you need to take into account many factors – such as outdoor areas, style of home that your neighbors have, style of home that you have, your budget etc. Here are some materials to choose from.

Hard wood decks

This is a wonderful option for all those who are able to afford the kind of luxury that is offered by this decking material. Hardwood still requires some treatment. However, it lasts longer as compared to other types of soft woods such as pine. It is costly, and is imported often due to restrictions over deforestation.

Natural stone decks

It is perfect for all those who want to build classic, amazing patio. Stone decks have a beautiful appearance. The slabs are long-lasting and tough in form, and not as bulky as you might think.

Preserved soft wood decks

Decks that are made out of pressure-treated pine are able to last for quite a few years, in case the surface is cared for in a proper way. However, regardless of how frequently a preserved pine deck gets treated, there can still be warping of pressure treated lumber. Wood that is got from older pine is not as likely to distort and bend as compared to wood that is obtained from younger trees.

Vinyl Decks

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Vinyl resembles wood in terms of appearance and feel. It is free of issues and can be owned easily. Vinyl is able to sustain plenty of abuse and still hold up well, making it perfect for homes with small kids. It is easy to get vinyl decks mopped, and it can be found in numerous colors and textures. This does not get hot to touch even after long sun exposure.

Timber Hybrid Decks

Wood composite is used frequently for decking timber. It is a blend of plastic and wood fiber. This kind of material is getting more and more popular. It is very long lasting and its texture is just like that of actual wood. It can be cleaned up with ease due to the presence of synthetic component in it. It does not soak up any moisture. This is a beautiful material that does not get split or warped.

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