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What kind of living space do you need

What kind of living space do you need

Condo Vs. House Vs. Townhouse Vs. Apartment: Which Is Right For ...

Seeking the next area to hang your hat, yet don’t know the difference in between an apartment and an apartment or condo?

While they can feel similar outside, look the same on the within as well as expense about the exact same in rent, there are differences.

To assist you out, we’re damaging down what sets each apart to make it easier for you to determine which ideal fits your favored way of living.


The primary difference between a condo as well as an apartment is ownership. This also affects the monitoring of the property. While a homeowners’ organization usually manages condominiums, such as Condo near Charan [คอนโด จ รั ญ, which is the term in Thai], each specific system has a different proprietor. You have the choice to purchase a condominium, as you would a home. If you are renting a condo, the property owner of your condo will be different from the next unit.

The possession of the apartment is totally different. Private apartment or condo devices cannot be acquired separately. Rather, apartment buildings normally have one owner, more than likely a company, with systems rented to specific renters.

Because of this distinction in ownership, houses are also typically taken care of by a third-party business, as well as not the structure proprietor. Leasing an apartment usually indicates you collaborate with a monitoring business as opposed to the homeowner.

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Ownership also affects the regulations controlling a condo as well as an apartment. While the basic can and cannot dos be often the same, enforcement, as well as monitoring of the regulations, differ.

For instance, in a home, the building administration business implements rules, as well as those same policies put on all the systems. According to the Department of Real Estate and Urban Growth, the most basic responsibilities consist of:

  • Following the rules and also standards of your lease
  • Paying a rental fee on time
  • Maintaining noise levels that won’t create a disruption
  • Keeping your apartment reasonably tidy, especially around the entryways to the device
  • Disposing of garbage as well as waste properly
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