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Why choose Composite decking Leeds over other Woods?

Why choose Composite decking Leeds over other Woods?

Staying in Leeds, is there a deck already or planning to build a new deck? However, the options are composite decking Leeds, vinyl, other woods, pressure-treated wood, metal, and plastic. 

Composite decking is a popular choice. It is long-lasting, manufactured using plastic and wood fibers. It is maintenance-free and is available in varying colors and textures.

Here are reasons to choose composite decking Leeds:

Other wood decking problems

Decks are built using pressure-treated wood due to its affordability and availability. Pressure-treated woods use pine in decking. It causes splinters and cracking, besides is prone to fading, rot, and offers a nesting place for insects and bees. The wood decks need annual maintenance and also replacing of warped or cracked boards. 

 Composite decking performance

The advantages of composite decking Leeds are:

  • It is stain-resistant.
  • It typically lasts for 20-25 years.
  • It is smooth on your feet and there are no cracks or splinters
  • It is attractive and is found in various colors and finishes.

Recycled wood and plastic would become landfills, but are now the components of composite decking. This has made composite decking to be a popular option as it features recycling. It involves no cutting down of trees to make composite decking materials.

 Ease of maintenance

It is easy to maintain composite decking and requires regular sweeping. There is no need to give a regular wash, though a periodic wash with a power washer or a hose is necessary. The stains and food on the decking can be cleaned using a mild soap solution. Checking the recommendations of the manufacturer for maintenance is essential. 

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Composite decking Leeds manufacturers have come with high-definition, offering rich wood grain patterns. It comes in saturated colors and feels more natural. The range of color options is from spicy red to deep earth tones and pristine grey. It includes tropically-inspired featuring exotic hardwoods look. The decking range offers an extensive selection of accessories such as stairs, railings, furniture and pergolas, and gates, in composite decking material, creating a customized external space. 


Composite decking offers the feel and looks of wood. The deck board is from recycled content. It includes recycled plastic and industrial wood scraps. The initial composite decking Leeds cost is higher. Though, if you factor in the ongoing maintenance cost to a wood deck, you will find that composite decking pays well in value as it easily stays in good condition over 10 years.

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