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3 Famous Amputees to Look Up To

3 Famous Amputees to Look Up To

Rick Allen

Rick Allen, the world-renowned drummer for Def Leopard, may have made his claim to fame with two arms, but it didn’t end that way. In 1984, Rick Allen nearly lost his life when he crashed his Corvette into a solid brick wall. In the aftermath of the collision, he ended up losing his left arm. It would have been easy for Rick Allen to turn his back on his career, but he refused to let a situation that was out of his control stop him from following his dreams. He made the most of the opportunities he’d been given and learned to play the drums with one hand, ultimately returning to Def Leopard in 1986, just two years after the incident. Additionally, his accident inspired him to work with veterans with traumatic injuries and prosthetics. If you have a prosthetic limb or are looking for a prosthetic limb that will fit your needs, contact Fit-Well today for custom prosthetics in Salt Lake City.

Heather Mills

Heather Mills, though not generally recognized by her name, is one of the most versatile celebrities out there. Claiming the titles of entrepreneur, activist, ski racer, model, and charity campaigner, Heather Mills did not let her injuries interfere with the kind of life she wanted to live. She had a passion for veganism and animal rights, and she spoke out in favor of them in spite of her situation. She lost her lower leg in a police motorcycle accident in 1993 and began wearing a prosthetic limb so that she could walk. She also sustained other severe injuries during the accident and could have easily let them get the best of her and her positive mental attitude. However, she maintained her happy outlook on life and ultimately became an inspiration for individuals with prosthetic limbs throughout the world. If you’re a recent amputee in Salt Lake City or looking for a prosthetic limb upgrade, call Fit-Well in Salt Lake City today for unique, high-quality, customizable prosthetics.

Amy Purdy

At the age of 19, Amy Purdy contracted bacterial meningitis, and ultimately lost both of her legs below the knee. Among other things, she experienced septic shock and kidney failure and underwent a life-saving operation during which her kidney was replaced. After recovering from the operation, Amy Purdy described that she felt she was being given a second chance at life. She made the most of this second chance by becoming a Paralympics medalist, author, motivational speaker, and clothing designer. She even founded a charity called Adaptive Action Sports to support fellow amputees. If you’re looking for prosthetic services in Salt Lake City, call Fit-Well today to find the right fit for you.

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