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4 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

4 Simple Beginner Golfer Mistakes

Simple golfing mistakes happen every day because the game is very difficult to play and requires a lot of practice. When you are learning from Bobby Walia Golf, you can learn how to avoid some basic mistakes that people make every day. You can get better at the game, and you can have more fun on the course instead of being upset when you make random mistakes that only extend your round. 

  1. A Bad Stance

One of the things that a lot of people get wrong is their stance. They want to have a good chance of hitting the ball as far as possible, but they do not set up their feet hip width apart. A lot of golfers have their legs too far apart, and they tend to hunch over when they are ready to swing. You get no power, no control over the direction of the ball, and it actually hurts your back.

  1. Using The Wrong Clubs

Most golfers use the wrong clubs because they are looking at their yardage book first. A yardage book allows you to choose the club that will help you make the right shot. Unfortunately many golfers also have too many clubs in their bags. They can stay away from the woods if they are new to the game. It makes more sense to have a nice putter, driver, and the irons.  Check the yardage book, pull the right club, and do not weigh yourself down.

  1. Putting Too Lightly

Golfers often putt too lightly. The ball never makes it to the hole because the putt was not made with conviction. Most golfers believe that they will shoot the ball right by the hole, but that is typically not the case. There is usually a lot of grass between you and the hole, and that will slow down the ball.

  1. Playing Too Slowly

While the pace of play is a point of contention on the PGA Tour, golfers should not play so slowly at the club that they can never make it to the next hole. You should take a moment to determine which club to use, but you then need to take the shot and move on.

You can learn to play a much cleaner game when you use these tips. Checking out tips online makes it so much easier for you to learn how to avoid basic golfing mistakes everyone tends to make.


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