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Arrange a Home Library By Adding Few Items and Make it a Comfortable Space

Arrange a Home Library By Adding Few Items and Make it a Comfortable Space

Whether you have a spare room or you arrange a corner with book space, creating a library is the best way of teaching your kids reading habits. Creating a home library isn’t easy. First of all, you’ll have to arrange books in order which easier for kids and other family members to understand. Then the major part is the decor that makes it look like a library, a comfortable place where you can spend hours reading peacefully.

Here are few items that can convert an ordinary-looking room into a home library –


Having a chandelier in the library will make the room elegant. When this chandelier is combined with modern lights and fixtures it gives it a traditional yet modern look. There are varieties of modern lights that enhance the beauty of a room. Display a crystal chandelier from the ceiling. It looks gorgeous when light falls in various directions.

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Along with a chandelier, you also need a lamp.  Any room is incomplete without a side lamp if you love reading before going to bed. A side lamp feels soothing instead of harsh light that spoils the relaxing mood. Moreover, at late night when everybody is asleep, it is wise to use dim light that focuses only on the book.

Book Case

A library is incomplete without a book and bookcase. You would need a bookcase of appropriate size that fits in the room perfectly. Next, fill up the case with books properly arranged. For example, lower shelves should be for kids so they could reach out their hands easily and middle shelves should be for senior citizens who don’t have to struggle in looking for their favorite book while the upper shelf can be yours. Of course, don’t forget a small portable ladder to reach the book at the top shield.


You need a chair to sit and read comfortably like a rocking chair or a couch. The chair should be comfortable so that you enjoy reading for hours without fidgeting with back pain and uneasiness.

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Tables and Plants

A cup of hot chocolate, cold drink, or tea/coffee goes well with reading. If it is in the afternoon then some snacks would do wonders. And where do you think you will keep your reading glasses? So of course you will need a side table to keep all those items. The table may not be a necessity in a library, but they do not harm.

Add some spice along with a few showpieces and plants hanging on the window or wall. Adding small fiber pots with small shrubs or plants with different colors of flowers makes a dull room bright.

Many other things can make a home library fascinating and comfortable. Some people love keeping a pillow and blanket to enjoy winter while reading. Let your imagination flow and bring out some exciting interior ideas to make a home library as comfortable as possible.

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