The Role of Architrave in Door Frame Design

Door frame architrave is an essential component of every door frame. It can add texture and character to any room. Every house needs a door frame support, and it is indeed incomplete without proper architrave installation. Most people underestimate the value of good quality architrave. In reality, having a well-made door architrave can add value to your home and make the door frame look more attractive.

Before you start purchasing the door frame architrave, it is essential to know its types. The most common types of door frame architrave are skirting, torus, ogee, and chamfered. Skirting architrave is the most commonly used type that most people are familiar with. It has a clean and classic look and beautifully showcases the transition between the wall and floor. Torus architrave features a round edge that creates a simple and elegant design. On the other hand, ogee architrave has a more detailed design with the top of the frame curving outwards. Chamfered architrave is a simple and modern design that features a beveled edge.

The size of the door frame architrave is essential as it can make or break the look of the door frame. The size of the architrave should be proportional to the door frame and the room. Usually, door frame architraves come in standard sizes ranging from 50mm to 100mm in width or depth. Thicker architraves often provide a more regal look and are more suited to traditional house styles. Alternatively, thinner architraves tend to suit more modern house styles.

The material chosen for the door frame architrave is critical as it affects the overall appearance and durability. Most commonly used materials for door frame architrave include hardwood, MDF, softwood, PVC, and plywood. Hardwood architrave provides the most elegant look, while MDF architraves are the most budget-friendly option. Softwood architrave provides a beautiful rustic look but comes at a slightly higher cost. PVC architrave is ideal for creating a modern and sleek design, while plywood architrave is the most durable option.

The installation process for door frame architrave is relatively easy, but it requires patience and precision. The first step is to measure the dimensions of the door frame. It’s important to ensure that the corners are at 90-degree angles to achieve a seamless finish. If the corners are not at 90-degree angles, it is essential to sand them down to create a straight edge. Next, cut the architrave to the appropriate length, miter the edges, and glue and screw them in place. Lastly, fill in the gaps and holes with builders putty and sand down any rough edges.


In conclusion, door frame architrave is an integral part of any house. It adds beauty and character to the overall look of the door frame. When choosing an architrave, it’s important to decide on the type, size, and material, depending on the look you’d like to achieve. With these factors considered, you can install an architrave to enhance the look of your door frame and add value to your home. With proper installation and regular maintenance, your door frame architrave can last for years to come.

Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.

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