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Vital Information Regarding the Garden Decking Colchester

Vital Information Regarding the Garden Decking Colchester

A garden is considered to be the best place for relaxation in a common house. The addition of a wooden deck can add to the pleasure of its residents, who find it an ideal spot for outdoor enjoyment. The deck renders a unique look to the garden that boosts the grandeur of the entire property. Therefore, it is best to hire expert professionals for garden decking Colchester, who can satisfy the needs of house owners with brilliant designs of garden decks. 

Different types of boards used for garden decking Colchester 

Softwood boards are usually obtained from pine trees, which offer the cheapest garden decking Colchester that can be installed very quickly. However, a softwood deck demands more attention and it should be polished periodically with suitable oil for lubrication. If it is properly maintained, it may last even up to 25 years. Another notable advantage of a softwood deck is that the shade and texture of its surface can be changed any time. 

Hardwood boards are mostly obtained from oak trees. This kind of decking is quite rare as oak wood is not easily available in the market. Thus, it is a much costlier option for house owners and its installation is also a tougher job. So, hardwood deck is not commonly preferred despite its better longevity and lesser need for maintenance. A hardwood deck may last for more than 50 years and it looks more attractive than other varieties of garden decking Colchester. 

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Composite decking is made by combining wood and plastic, which renders a more unique appearance than decks made of wooden boards. This composite material is highly preferred for its waterproof quality, for which it needs very less maintenance. The composite decking is also favoured due to its high longevity, which may extend for more than 50 years. Composite tiles or boards are available in different shades, which cannot be stained easily. Though it is a quite costly material, it is never damaged by the attack of moulds or other kinds of parasitic growth. House owners may further adorn composite decking with coloured LED lighting, to increase the beauty of their gardens after sunset. 

Thus, many people also prefer garden decking Colchester for decorative purposes, for which they need to rely on the expertise of their hired decking professionals. So they should check the working background of these professionals or the decking company. All types of decking services offered by these companies and the quality of their services should be checked as well. 

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