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What Does it Mean to Sell Your House Directly?

What Does it Mean to Sell Your House Directly?

Some cities are looking to have a big year in real estate. Austin is projected to be the hottest real estate market in 2021, with Dallas-Fort Worth just behind it in 6th. These cities are expected to outperform the market nationally. Why? It’s a combination of affordable cost of living, good local economies, and sunny weather. So if you’re looking to sell your Dallas home quick, now may be the time to do it. Maybe you’re ready for a new locale, or work or family is taking you elsewhere. Maybe you have an unwanted property that you inherited or that you no longer wish to look after. Whatever the case may be, you’re certainly wondering what the best course of action is to sell your home. You’ve probably considered various realtors, or selling by owner. What you may not have considered is selling your home directly.

When you think of a traditional home sale, you’re typically envisioning open houses, home showings, lengthy and tenuous deals before closing, and sometimes renovations and repair costs. Frequently, homeowners have to do anything from external improvements, or repainting rooms, to purging their belongings in order to make their home appealing. After all this work and money, the sale of your home still is not a guarantee.

So if selling your home directly is an alternative, what does that mean? Not everyone is even aware that this is an option. When you sell a home directly, there is no marketing involved. You’re typically selling to an investor, a company that specializes in cash purchases of homes, or a house flipper. Because there’s no marketing, no showing of the home, there is no reason for you to make costly investments in renovations or aesthetic changes. Selling your home in this state is often called selling your home “as is,” which is exactly what it sounds like– the way it looks when you decide to sell it is the way it will look when it’s been sold.

One huge benefit of selling your house directly is there are no fees or commissions associated with it. Say you live in Dallas and you’re looking to sell your home quickly. If you put your home on the market, it may be weeks or months before your home sells. Even then, once there’s a contract, there’s still a chance the sale will fall through. If the sale does go through, then you owe your agent up to 6% of the sale price and 2% of the closing costs– that can be thousands of dollars! Selling directly eliminates that hassle entirely, letting you walk away from your sold home with a cash payment and no cost to you.

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