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How To Apply For A Commercial Cleaning Services Company Like JAN-PRO

When it comes to cleaning, several things can affect the quality of the results. This includes everything from the equipment’s quality to the cleaners’ training and expertise.

Talk with your local JAN-PRO janitorial franchise business about electrostatic and high-touch point disinfection or supplementary cleaning services such as commercial-grade floor or window washing. Also, consider insurance coverage.

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From cutting-edge office locations managed by growing companies to one-of-a-kind JAN-PRO, Dallas and Fort Worth have a thriving commercial landscape that requires a high level of professional standards and customer service. Access to quality cleaning services is critical for businesses of all sizes, ensuring their customers receive the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene possible.

To be successful in the cleaning industry, you will need a reliable workforce to meet the demands of your clients. Consider offering an hourly rate structure and calling similar cleaning companies in your area to find out what they charge for their services.

If necessary, registering your business and obtaining a sales tax permit is also essential. This ensures you collect and pay the appropriate sales taxes for your cleaning services. Additionally, it helps protect you from personal liability if someone is injured by your employee. You can find more information about these requirements through the Texas Comptroller’s WebFile eSystems Portal.

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Whether your company manages cutting-edge offices supporting the growing Dallas-Fort Worth economy, or a busy warehouse contributing to the area’s incredible logistics industry, having access to the right commercial cleaning services Fort Worth is essential for maintaining your business’s professionalism and productivity. JAN-PRO local franchisees offer custom-tailored cleaning plans suited to your workplace needs.

From disinfection of high-touch points to day porter services, there are nearly unlimited ways to customize a cleaning plan provided by your locally owned and operated JAN-PRO(r) janitorial franchise business. And with the Anago CleanCom(r) app, you’ll be in direct contact with your cleaning technicians, ensuring they meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Become part of the fastest-growing cleaning company in America. We’re a franchise opportunity that gives you the support and freedom to be your own boss while providing a rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying career.

Schedule a site visit

A site visit is vital to writing a bid for commercial cleaning services Fort Worth contracts. It lets you see the space, take notes and pictures, and ask questions. It also helps you assess the job requirements and adequately price your bid. For example, a site visit can help you determine how many square feet of cleaning space the client has and what cleaning tasks need to be completed in each area. Adding overhead costs, such as marketing and insurance, is also a good idea when calculating your final estimate. This will make your commercial cleaning contract bid more competitive and increase the likelihood of your company being chosen to provide cleaning services.

From innovative offices managed by burgeoning businesses to impressive international airports, Dallas, Fort Worth’s thriving commercial landscape requires access to exceptional professional cleaning services.

Sign a contract

A commercial cleaning contract is a legal document that sets out a clear understanding between the client and contractor. It outlines the scope of work, payment terms, and any specific service requests the client may have.

It is essential to price your services fairly while covering labor, equipment, and supplies. Start by determining the cleanable square footage of the space and multiplying it by your hourly employee rate to estimate staffing costs. Then, add additional expenses for materials and overhead to arrive at your final price.

Dallas, Fort Worth’s thriving business landscape requires access to top-quality commercial cleaning services Fort Worth. JAN-PRO’s local franchisees are trained to provide a standardized level of cleanliness that meets your company’s expectations and needs. This is accomplished through branded systems, advanced technologies, and customized cleaning plans tailored to your business. The result is a workplace that’s safe, healthy, and professional. Whether you manage one of the many offices supporting the city’s robust technology industry or operate the bustling warehouses that feed the logistics sector, your workspace needs to be clean and comfortable to promote productivity and creativity.

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